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My husband and I moved into our home in 2005. It's an older home and we purchased it with every intention of it being our "starter". We were never really motivated (or financially able) to decorate and really settle into our house.

It wasn't until we started to try and start our family that we really wanted to make this house into our home. Since then, we've been buying furniture, painting the walls, etc.

We have a three bedroom/one bath home. Our living room is an ongoing work in progress. Our kitchen is tiny and lacking storage. Our dining room shares space with our living area and is virtually non-existent. Our bathroom is ever so outdated and so very tiny.

The first room in our home that has received the royal treatment is the nursery - now referred to as our son's room. It's not quite done but very close to it. I have every intention of posting the updates and completed room here when it's all said and done.

The second room is our office. It has been neglected for far too long. Considering as much time as my husband and I spend at our computers, you'd think we'd want to make it a nice and cozy little room. This will also be documented in this here blog.

Our master bedroom has also been neglected. It was just a short time ago that we traded our Craigslist finds for REAL bedroom furniture. And of course, I'll be posting the makeover of our love nest for the blog-o-sphere to see.

Our garage was converted into - something - before we bought the home. The previous owners really didn't take the time to insulate the walls to make it another functional room. It's become a glorified, cluttered (and convenient) storage unit. My husband would like to turn this space into his personal office.

The exterior of our home is very nondescript.  The brick is a very blah beige and the siding is an off-white, almost cream color. The plan is to add value and curb appeal to this house so that we can someday offer it as a rental...when we finally move into our forever home. So, updating the exterior is yet another future project.

And our yard? A drought disaster. Our poor St. Augustine grass has suffered due to the oppressive Texas summer and our city watering ordinance. Ouch. That's another project in and of itself.

And if there's time...and I'm sure I'll find some time...I'll throw in some holiday and outdoor projects, too.

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